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AQUA - MED INSURANCE Every diver should have it

The advantages of aqua med

Services | Conditions of insurance

Overview of services

  • 24/7 medical emergency hotline
  • Professional emergency management
  • Storage of medical data
  • Foreign travel health insurance
  • Diving accident insurance
  • Divers' personal liability insurance

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Diving is a fascinating sport with fans all over the world. But sometimes they forget that diving (like any sport) also carries risks. In case of an accident, expenses can mount quickly, and usually have to be paid out of their own pocket. There are not many insurance providers who will meet the costs of treating diving accidents (decompression illnesses) in a hyperbaric chamber. The treatment can be very expensive and many diving bases require evidence of the fact that you are covered in case of a claim, together with a corresponding statement confirming the direct billing facility. In some countries, including Spain for example, divers are not allowed in the water without proof of valid insurance.

If treatment in a decompression chamber is required, the cost can quickly run into the thousands or in some cases even tens of thousands of euros – and that doesn’t necessarily include charges for a hospital stay, accommodation and transportation.

That’s why it’s important to have a partner like aqua med on your side, to handle things in case of emergency – from logistics to assumption of costs.

And why should you choose the dive card from aqua med?

Very simple – because we are the assistance service that focuses on you!

Here are some examples of the services we offer especially for divers and holidaymakers:

  • With the dive card you have a personal physician at your side – not a call centre: When you need it, we provide professional emergency management and advice immediately, delivered personally by one of our physicians. On the phone, without spending an eternity “on hold” or having to hang up and wait for a return call.

  • Extensive specialist knowledge: We employ a variety of medical specialists with expert knowledge of emergency treatment in foreign countries as well as diving medicine.

  • Storage of medical data: Our clients may optionally store their medical data with us to ensure that it is available in case of an emergency. This can prevent risks (e.g. blood transfusions) and save vital time in an emergency. This data is, of course, subject to medical confidentiality.

  • Insurance benefits and emergency call service: With us, you do not just get the insurance benefits, but you also have a professional emergency call service at your side. We organise and meet the costs of the following:

    • transport to the best treatment centre (regardless of its distance) and, where necessary, return transport home.

    • all treatment measures, in consultation with you, your relatives or the local physicians.

    • informing relatives, and the organisation of changes to hotel or flight bookings.

  • The statement confirming the existence of a direct billing facility: aqua med shall where necessary also arrange for the statement confirming the existence of a direct billing facility to be issued. This is necessary to prevent your having to pay out any money in advance in a hospital or at the decompression chamber centre.

  • A point of contact for all kinds of query: Regardless of whether you have medical questions, need arrangements to be made in an emergency or seek clearance before incurring expenses: we can be your point of contact for all of this. You do not, for example, need to check with your insurers.

The conditions of insurance – “Our fine print is our guarantee”

  • Payment for medically reasonable benefits: We not only meet the costs of providing "medically necessary" services, but also those which are "medically reasonable"! A very important distinction, since if for example you were to be successfully operated on abroad following an accident, your return transport is no longer necessary but it is nevertheless reasonable to expect this to be arranged!

  • Comprehensive recreational scuba diving insurance: Regardless of which association you belong to, all internationally recognised recreational scuba diving activities are covered.

  • Personal liability insurance for divers: This personal liability insurance is an obligation in some countries (e.g. in Spain). As a dive card possessor, you comply even with this legal requirement.

  • Comprehensive overseas health insurance: Regardless of whether you are diving or not, on overseas trips lasting up to 56 days, we also additionally cover all other illnesses and injuries.

  • Meeting the expenses of arranging for a person close to you to travel out to be with you: Should you have a serious accident or become seriously ill abroad, once you have been in hospital for 10 days, we shall even meet the expenses of arranging for a person close to you to travel out to be with you.

  • Emergency psychiatric treatment: This is often excluded, but it is, for example, the very side effects of malaria remedies which can make such treatment necessary. Under our cover, it is included.

  • Automatic policy renewal: Your policy is automatically renewed and does not have to be newly applied for each year. You on the other hand benefit from a very short period of notice of just two weeks.

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