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Dive Gear Servicing

Equipment DarekGuziuk COMMENTS 31 Jan, 2017

Some of your dive gear needs regular servicing. Regulators need particular attention, but anything with valves may benefit from the careful eye of a technician. Servicing can take time, especially when it is really busy just before the start of the season, so get a head start by dropping in with your gear early.

Dive Academy technician is fully trained and qualified to service scuba gear. Serviced equipment comes with a Certificate signed and stamped by our technician.

1. Regulators Inspection includes:

  • General hose condition
  • Interstage pressure
  • Cracking pressure
  • BCD connector
  • Dry test
  • Wet test

2. Regulators refurbishment includes:

  • Inspection 
  • Lock up pressure check
  • Crack pressure check
  • Disassemble
  • Clean - Dry - Reinspect
  • Replace all necessary components  
  • Cracking pressure set up
  • Adjustments to manufacturers specifications
  • Certificate of refurbishment

Full Regulators service € 95

3. Cylinder testing is carried out in accordance with European Standards EN 1802; EN 1803; EN 1968

A. Visual inspection of scuba cylinder includes:

  • Valve inspection
  • Cleaning valve
  • Thread inspection
  • Gauge the valve stem threads

B. Cylinder neck thread inspection

  • Visual inspection of thread
  • Gauge the cylinder thread

C. Ensure that cylinder and valve threads are compatible

D. Cylinder external inspection

E. Check for dents, cuts, gouges, bulges and other defects

F. Measure and record any defects found

G. Cylinder internal inspection

H. Detailed inspection using an Boroscope

I. Measure and record any defects

J. Measuring Wall thickness

Visual cylinder inspection € 45

Hydro cylinder test € 65

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