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Scuba Market 2017

Archive DarekGuziuk COMMENTS 31 Jan, 2017

Come join us for SCUBA MARKET in DIVE ACADEMY Lahinch.

Event takes place in Dive Academy Cinema Hall - Lahinch; 26th March 2017 (Sunday) at 10am - 1pm! 

  • Free entrance for all (except sellers)
  • Entrance fee for sellers is €2  
  • Dive Academy Club Members FREE OF CHARGE

Here is an opportunity to discover some diving treasures from other divers or to sell some of your own.

Clear out your garages and dive bags and bring your used scuba equipment to sell. Looking for some used gear to buy? Find that gently used BCD, Regulators, Tanks, Dive Computers, and other dive equipment. You never know what great deals will show up at the used gear sale!

If you need additional information, please contact us.

Hope To See You There!


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