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Underwater Halloween Costume Contest

Archive DarekGuziuk COMMENTS10 Oct, 2017

Wear your costume while diving for your chance to win a prize. The winner will get FREE four boat passes worth 140!

That day we will have TWO Boat Halloween Costume Contest Dives - if you would like to dive twice that day you have to change your costume.

Every diver to wear a costume while diving will have their photo taken and added to our 2017 Underwater Halloween Costume Contest photo album on Facebook. We will keep track of the number of “likes” your photo receives from the public. Voting will close at midnight on October 31st. The winner will be announced on Facebook November 1st at 8pm.

RULES:  All costumes must be worn underwater, be environmentally friendly, and must not impede diver safety.  No face/body paint or makeup (that is harmful to the environment) or costume pieces that could cause entanglement or restriction of movement are permitted.

Only Divers with Halloween Costumes will be allowed to go diving with us that day!

For reservations go to our booking system.

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