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Our Dive Centre is located in Ireland on The Wild Atlantic Way - 2.500 km of the world's moste diverse and spectacular coastline. That giving us plenty of opportunities and places to "jump" into the water of Atlantic Ocean. Our dive sites are on the west coast of the island.

The North Atlantic Current from the Caribbean and the Shelf Edge Current from France and Portugal - creeping up Ireland's west coast that keep winters and waters relatively mild and stable, a boon for marine life.

Ireland Underwater

Many divers think of Ireland when they plan trips, but perhaps they should, says photographer Brian Skerry. “It's not a coral reef, obviously, but the biodiversity and the colors reminded me of the tropics. “In Addition to seals and bottlenose dolphins, were “blue lobsters, yellow sponges and red anemones, all against a back-drop of emerald green water. The colors just blow me away.”

Atlantic waters that wash shores of varied rock types from exposed cliffs to sheltered shelf. Life explodes into every niche. It doesn't take a deep to witness the sea's plenty.

On walls in deeper waters, gaudy anemone carpets give way to starfish and colonies of orange soft corals called dead man's fingers.

Much deeper lies a recent scientific discovery: cold-water coral gardens in a barely explored environment. 

Let's dive with us.